Natural Buttons

ButtonIngrobottoni offers a wide range of buttons made of natural materials, including the most precious and expensive ones, such as wood, mother-of-pearl, horn, corozo, and galalith.

Wood Buttons

The wood used to produce the buttons comes mainly from the olive tree, which has many veins and gives the button a beautiful effect. It has a neutral color and lends itself well to various fashion requirements.

Shell Buttons

Pearls come from shells, and the easiest shell to find is the Agoya, of conical shape, light gray, and very thin. The typical white mother-of-pearl used in shirts is called Trocas and comes from India. Mother-of-pearl is a material of particular beauty that gives buttons a precious elegance.

Horn Buttons

Made from the tip of horns of buffalos and cows, horn buttons have different shades of color; it is their diversity of color that characterizes the beauty of these buttons. The glossy finish has always a matte satin effect that gives the horn button its unmistakable surface, never smooth but still slightly porous.

Corozo Buttons

Coming from the fruit of Tagua, a plant that grows in the tropical forests of Ecuador, corozo allows you to create buttons of an entirely vegetable origin.

Galalith Buttons

The galalith is a natural material derived from whitish casein, a milk protein. It is obtained by hardening the casein by means of a solution of formaldehyde and then drying the product at about forty-five degrees. With the heat the galalith becomes plastic. Its great quality is its porosity, which enables it to be painted by immersion.

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