ButtonWe find, select, and customize buttons, choosing shapes, colors, and materials according to the latest fashion trends and requirements of each project.

Our Buttons

Our buttons are made from natural materials such as wood, shell, corozo, horn, galalith, or synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, abs, galastil, fake horn, shell, or corozo. Finally, we also sell a complete set of metal buttons.

All materials can be dyed and painted in accordance with customer needs.

Our Customizations

When customizing a button, we can start from a neutral button chosen from a sample or choose the raw material and then decide on the form. We then move on to the graphic study and the production of drafts, and finally, to the realization of the button.

The buttons are customized by laser – that is, engraved with indelible markings such as signs, illustrations, or logos. The incisions can be made on the front, edge or side of the button. The results are a button that is pretty and original.

Customizations are achievable on all types of buttons and accessories and in a very short period of time. Our qualified personnel also paints the buttons by using special equipment in our laboratory, thereby meeting the demands of customers daily.

Everything You Need to Know About Buttons

ButtonThe buttons can be used on all clothing, for both females and males, but some types are specific to certain categories of clothing.

For example, small buttons are used for shirts (often consisting of shell buttons but also of polyester ones with two or four holes); large and lined shank buttons are normally used for outerwear; and metal buttons, so-called jeans buttons, are used for jeans, being available in various sizes and finishes such as nickel, brass, antique brass, or gunmetal.

Finally, automatic buttons are used for knitwear and ready-to-wear fashion, while snap fasteners are used for garments.

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